The Supreme Swordsman (1984)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-05-12
Summary: One of the last Shaw greats.
Shaw made a run of unpopular excellent movies as the Kung fu movie era was dying. This is one of them. A true classic to the finish with a lot of class. By the time this movie came out, our chinese theatres were closing down. Anyway, Pai Pao does another excellent performance as a master swordsman. He outclasses Mr. Yee in every aspect except looks. It's just too bad he's not good looking or he'd be the good guy playing opposite of Yee. Here, he pretty much wastes everybody. Even the elusive master with the last sword couldn't beat him. He loses by a trick sword in the end, which proves that not all the determination in the world can beat the forces of good. lol