The Tattoo Connection (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-17
Summary: Promising ingredients, but ........
Plenty of action and fu talent here, but veteran action director Lee Tso Nam seems to have lost focus. He made far too little use of the great Dorian Tan and almost as little of Chan Sing, seemingly to give extra screen time to Jim Kelly. Would have been more successful if he'd made two separate movies, making Jim the focus of one and Chan and Tan of the other.

Having said that, there's enough kicking and agro to make this ramble reasonably entertaining. The climactic multi-focus fight scene makes it worthwhile without being classic.

There's some titillation, mainly provided by one Lee Hoi Gei, who flashes her tits a few times, and a couple of unknowns, one of who is possibly filmed full frontal, though it's hard to tell.

Not too bad, but could have been much better.
Reviewer Score: 4