Gen-X Cops (1999)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-05-18
This movie came out more or less on par with my expectations. While the CGI/SFX was no where near as extravagent as I expected (I was anticipating a "year 3000" cinematography, but it was year 2000), the acting and action went beyond my expectations.

This is scary, but I have liked Nicholas Tse in every lead role I've seen him in (which is only 2 movies). He always holds a gun sideways, and that's pretty cool. Sam Lee's comic relief is always welcome, as is the hottie Jaymee Ong!!!

Eric Tsang is also a nice addition to the cast. I must have seen 20 of his movies without ever knowing who he was. He was that chubby guy whose Mandarin voice is always dubbed by a high pitched man. It is so comical, and it's always a pleasure.

Francic Ng is also great... in fact let's just put it this way: the whole cast is excellent. The only complain I have is that this movie has some moments designed exclusively for youngsters. Stephen Fung is a player in this movie, and since he is a big pop star (maybe, I dunno), they decided he needed some heartthrob scenes. And the ending... well, it's a happy ending - a very unrealistic one.

The explosions, they are definitely a big part of the movie. Despite all spectacularness of the last/main explosion, I thought it was overdone. It would have been nice to leave/manipulate the imagination of the audience.

Overall, this movie is well worth watching, and perhaps deserve multiple viewings. You've seen it all, but it's still nice to see it again. Just don't expect a FANTASY ACTIONER-like Heroic Trio-with spectacular SFX. The DVD is also awesome; it features a widescreen transfer and more extra features than I can count.

Reviewer Score: 8