Crystal Hunt (1991)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2002-05-18
Summary: Acttion Film
For an action film with lots of great names, I was disappointed in the acting, martial arts, and story.
Carrie Ng (Lisa) teams up with Sibelle Hu (Special Police Squad's Madam Wu) and Donnie Yen (Leung) to hunt down a mysterious powerful crystal. Lau gets kidnapped along the way by a vious gang and the good-guys vow to find the crystal and bring the villians to task. To be fare, this is a non-stop action movie with lots of fighting - and well - action and some scifi! The actors do seem to be working hard to make the film work. An HK Indiana Jones without anything that makes that kind of action film worth seeing.
The tempo of the film didn't suit me and I didn't get sufficiently interested to care what happened.