The Legend of Zu (2001)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2002-05-18
Summary: Eye popping extravaganza
It has some basic similarities to the original but don't look too closely for them - they are basic.
Uses CG so stunning that they must been seen; they can't be adequately described using words. The plot? Well, one sentence will do -
Evil tries to take over the world, handful of magic Zu Warriors stop it.
A person might think that summary is terse and that surely the plot is fleshed out in more detail during the film- it isn't.
It's rather like suchi without the rice.
In fact, I liked Storm Riders more than this film; at least it had an interesting love triangle that made me interested in the story. Legend of Zu doesn't even have that going for it. To be fair, Zu's CG is ever so far more impressive and detailed than Storm Riders; in my opinion.
This film is worth to watch - even if only to catch the new production wave for future HK fantasy films. Without a doubt, Tsui Hark still delivers in the visual domain. Now, he needs to get back to story development like ACGS.