Challenge of Death (1978)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-05-18
Summary: Chang Yi....Spiderman??????
Another classic with Wang Dao playing opposite villain Chang Yi. Except this time they throw in Tan Tao to spice things up. And that he did, easily being the better fighter in this episode. You gotta love those old school openings that introduces the styles. Right off the bat, you know its going to be good. Well, atleast for me it was satisfying. Martial arts wise, about the same as any other flick the three stars been in. The neatest thing in this film is how Chang Yi uses his spider like rope web that shoots out from his hands like the real spiderman. He also can fly with these ropes. I actually like this kind of crazy stunts. Although not a genuine classic, a classic non-the-less. It does have a western sense mostly due to the music.