Fat Choi Spirit (2002)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2002-05-21
Summary: Hong Kong Johnny
Yet another Johnny To - Andy Lau comedy for the hungry, Hong Kong viewers. The movie jump starts with Gigi and Andy in a traffic ticket skirmish, and puts the audience in a "ready-for-more" mood. I was going, "awright, this gonna be fun", but then it takes a sharp turn, and suddenly it's that Louis Koo, guy. "What the hell is going on?" They didn't tell me this guy was supposed to be Andy's brother. Louis' character is pathetic, and Louis doesn't really have a good part - he's not memorable, interesting, or funny. Poor Louie. Maybe Andy wanted it that way? Just kidding. Anyway, the movie does get back on track, and all is well again for Hong Kong. Gigi is just too much, she gets all the good parts, and a "boob job" that makes her look centerfold sexy. This movie is just what Hong Kong needs - a "boob job".