Handsome Siblings (1992)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2002-05-21
Summary: Light-hearted martial arts period comedy/fantasy
A husband and wife team (Yim Nan Tin & Master Eva) square off in the Villian Valley (created 170 years ago as a sanctuary for villians to convert). Master Eva (Anita Mui) wants to arrest the 10 Untouchable Villians hiding there and the husband wants to follow tradition (hence the showdown). They divorce right before the fight which results in a draw (unfortuanatly for the husband - he is turned into a vegatative state). The 10 Villians (as a reward to Master Tin) decide to raise his son Fishy (Andy Lau) by teaching him all the 'bad' ways of martial arts. It turns out, they are not villians but the 10 Heros, who were framed when 1 million sent for flood relief was stolen by the 2 villians (hence the reson for them hiding out in the villian valley).
18 years pass and the result is a handsome, fun seeking lad who loves to play tricks on bad people. There is soon to be a martial arts tournament to choose the Supreme and the Heros see a chance for Fishy to catch the 2 villians and clear their reputations.
Fishy and two of the heros (Big Mouth Lee & Sissy To) set out for the tournament. Along the way, Fishy gets into a series of humorous/dangerous situations.
Meanwhile, during the same 18 years, Master Eva has been raising an adopted daughter (Eva More) played by Brigette Lin (who must put forward the disguise of a man as directed by Master Eva so as not to fall in love).
[Fishy and Eva More are destined to meet and fall in love].
Fighters gather for the tournament, and through a series of twists and turns, there is a betrayal and Master Eva is killed - and our two lovers are on the run.
An evil youth (which Fishy met in a toilet hiding out from a witch - it's too complicated to recount for such a minor point) has tricked the 2 Supremes into teaching him the Ice Palm. Finally, our two lovers (having cured Eva More and gotten married in a touching ceremony) have an energy transfer from Yim Nan Tin (who Fishy finally learns is his real dad) and go about learning the Couples Sword Technique which is the one thing that can counter the Ice Palm. Master Tin dies after the energy transfer.
There is a climatic martial arts, swordsplay confrontation at the end.

Somewhere in all of this, was a funny sketch where Fishy and his companions hatch a plan to rape Eva More and ruin 'his' reputation. This to be done by slipping Eva More the 'Sex Pill' (as anyone who has every watched a number of period HK films results in the need to have sex or die). The plan backfires when Big Mouth takes the pill by mistake; a horse given to him to ride to the next town so that he can go hooking'...well...Bigh Mouth makes a mistake of what the intention of the horse really was... Mayhem insues that's really a hoot to watch.

I thought it touching when Brigette's character is thinking about Fishy and her maids recite a poem they have heard her say:

Who will approach a cultured girl -
Who will be the groom?

It's very romantic and Brigette never plays the star-struck lover better.

This type genre film (the comedy/action period movie) is similar to Flying Dagger (which I did like better than this film) and Forbidden City Cop (which I also liked better than this film). However, Handsome Siblings was funny and exciting consistently througout the film and I did have a desire to see the ending and know what happened to everyone. I enjoyed it and thus it gets: