The Pure and the Evil (1982)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-23
Summary: Odd moral soap opera
An unusual mixture of kitchen sink realism, melodrama, fairytale and moral tale. Much of the story is about the changing relationship between two strong-willed young women, Rose and May. Rose is the stronger, and she eventually wins Miss Hong Kong, but she envies the apparent success of May, who marries the dashing and successful Clement. The tone is generally on the feverish side, even a bit operatic at times.

Though basically a soap opera, the ending is a stunner. In the space of no more than two minutes, a secret is betrayed after one of the main characters is splashed with petrol by a jealous lover and set alight. The closing titles amange to top even this, with a ludicrous homily which warns young women not to be like the main character, and implying they should be good and well-behaved instead. Bah !

Overall, just average.
Reviewer Score: 4