Final Romance (2001)
Reviewed by: silver7 on 2002-05-26
Summary: Cute Movie
You pretty much get the gist of the plotline from the other reviews - but as mentioned already,the movie is set in a really beautiful Japan winter...makes me want to go to Japanese ski resort right now. It was a sweet storyline though done before. However both Edison Chen and Amanda Strang pulled it off - they had really good chemistry together, and their characters kept the legacy of their deceased siblings - which added to the sweetness of their forthcoming romance. Though some of the plot was unbelievable - like when Edison gets into Amanda's engagement party and NOBODY notices...that's a little unbelievable...the ending almost scared me - but it's happy, which is a relief from the typical chinese movie ending where someone dies. The minor characters like their friends falling for each other in the resort in the midst of annoying each other with para para sakura - and falling all over each other in a clumsy fit, added to the fun. It's a cute movie which doesn't lag at any moment even though the plot's been done before - but that's pretty typical for chinese movies :), and considering some of the more boring romance movies of the year (ahem - Everyday is Valentine), it was pretty good ....and Edison's extremely cute looks give way to good entertainment, though he didn't do a bad job of acting or driving, in fact the driving was pretty nice...Amanda Strang's innocent and pretty looks also give guys an incentive to watch it. However, all in all, it was a cute movie.