The Legend of Speed (1999)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2002-05-27
Summary: A thrill ride with a good story
Wow, this movie kept me excited and rocking along the whole way. After reading a few movie reviews, notably Ryan's, things make a little more sense too. The entire plot seemed really similar to "Full Throttle" and forgive me for not being able to read Chinese, that's apparently what the subtitle of this movie was, Full Throttle 2. I'm also happy to say that I enjoyed this movie about a million times more than Full Throttle too, nothing really dragged, everything was nonstop action. I think the movie accurately portrayed the whole idea of "Speed", the dangers of it as well as the thrills. The car races were insanely awesome, loved every minute of it, and the bike races just as good. My favorite part had to be the section in Thailand where Sky races on the bike and learns the true meaning of speed, very well done. Overall this movie was excellent, great story, great acting, and great visuals. I don't know why people hate Ekin as the brooding character when he plays it so well. Sky is a spoiled rich kid in this film, and I think he really plays his role well as he interacts with the street life in HK as well as in Pattaya. Overall score: 9.5/10.
Reviewer Score: 9