Conman in Tokyo (2000)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2002-05-30
Summary: An aciton comedy or a gambling comedy?
Well expecting this movie to be in line with the other Conman movies, I expected gambling with some good comedy. While this statement does hold true, there's just so much action going on in this movie that it gets to be too much. The typical humor of the previous movies is sure there, and that was great, and seeing Nick doing some crazy kung fu was entertaining. The best sequences had to be all the throwing of cards like some kind of dagger/boomerang thing, very cool and very funny every time. Overall this movie is highly recommended if you liked the other Conman movies, but I do prefer Conmen in Vegas over this one as a whole. Still, plenty of laughs and nonstop comedy and action. 8/10.
Reviewer Score: 8