The Super Gang (1982)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-31
Summary: Dull
Not much to recommend this lacklustre crime actioner. With three great action stars and a few more in smaller roles, it should have been much more enjoyable. There's a moderate amount of kicking and punching, but things only get interesting during the few scenes when super kicking machine Kwan Yung Moon lets fly.

Comments on the review in the attached link. This review states that the star is Bruce Le. However, the Chinese credits on the print I watched clearly stated that the star was Lui Siu Lung (i.e. Jackie Lui). Also, I didn't see Bolo's name in the cast nor his face, but then again I didn't watch the whole movie. The director credit of Yellow John is almost literally true. Wong Siu Jun could be translated that way.

Let down by a silly script, awful pacing and poor direction. Curiousity value at best.
Reviewer Score: 2