Lily Under the Muzzle (1982)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-05-31
Summary: Weird
For the first 15 minutes, you could be wondering if this really is a Brigitte Lin film, as you barely see Venus. But she enters the story properly after her character's brother shoots his married lover and runs off, believing her dead.

This film has an amateurish look in places, especially the very unconvincing fight scenes. The most remarkable ascpect of the film is the cross-grained choice of "background music", which is a random stew of late 70s/early 80s Western pop, often played so loud you can barely hear the actors speak their lines (not that this is entirely a bad thing !), and the songs are chosen with no apparent connection to what's happening.

You'd want to be a dedicated Brigitte fan to watch this one for her looks, although there are a few shots of her bathed in a very flattering soft focus, when she is viewed in a romantic light by the male lead.

The story is unconvincing soapie twaddle mixed with dashes of fisticuffs. Not Brigitte's worst film, but far from her best.

Reviewer Score: 3