Love Undercover (2002)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2002-06-01
Summary: Attack of the Clones- HK style
What is it about Hong Kong movies that makes them all look the same lately? Is there but one writer in all of HK? Are they recycling the same script with different names/actors? As for "Love Undercover", this is essentially Johnny To's, "Needing You" with cops. As a matter of fact, Miriam Yueng owes her career to Sammi, because there isn't enough Sammi to go around. They actually had to create another Sammi to do all the movies. You could interchange either Sammi or Miriam, in any of the movies they've made lately, and not even miss a beat. Ever since "Needing You" became such a huge hit in HK, that's the only thing producers feel safe about making. The sad thing is, they will continue to do the same movie until it no longer makes money, or until the next block-buster comes along, and all movies will be cloned accordingly.