Sino-Dutch War 1661 (2001)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-06-03
Summary: Bad, but not too bad
For a film that only grossed 1/16 of that of the One Armed Swordsman from 35 years ago (this is very sad indeed), it's not too bad. Granted, the editing really sucks, and the plot isn't executed as well as that of OUATIC, but they are made up by the great scenery, the high quality custom, and the nice locations. I guess the camera crew and the cinemotographer did a really good job, while the writers and the editors must have been amateurish.

I cannot determine the reason for this box office flop, but it probably has to do with 1 of 2 things. 1 could be that now is just a really bad time for a period, historical film. 2 could be the subject in the film. It's about Zhen Chenggong, a Mainlander, saving Taiwan from the Dutch, which could have been a sensitive subject--I don't know. Either way, this film deserved better for its high budget production value. You don't see many HK films like this these days, so this may be your best bet.