Warriors: The Black Panther (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-06-10
One of the most wanted titles by me, Black Panther Warriors was not going to sit in my collection once I got it. And guess what? I've seen (part of) it before - when I lived in China, about 8 years ago. Must have been when it came out. It all came to mind when Brigitte's master started fighting with his umbrella. Man, I was just thinking about that scene the other day, without knowing it was in this movie, of course. But holy cow, I can't possibly dislike the movie now (nostalgia, ya know)!

Well, I must tell you, the first couple of minutes are extremely confusing - and it doesn't get any better until the end. Granted, the whole film is fast paced, but the beginning was so fast that you couldn't make out who is who, what they're doing, or what's going on. This immediately disappointed me, and it was not until I realized that I had seen this movie that I became excited again. Overall, the plot is extremely confusing and out of place, so you will need to think and rewatch to understand. Either way, some of it just won't make sense, because you can't make sense out of something that doesn't make sense. And if anything, it's a campy screwball film, which is very out of place mixed with serious scenes. The trashy humor is at an all time crude, and it's pathetic. Dicky Cheung is always crying about licking boobs, so Simon Yam offers his breasts, and guess what, Dicky Cheung does it.

However, the fantasy action is most innovatively refreshing. If there is one reason to watch the film, it would be for the top notch action. It puts just about every other modern HK movie to shame in that respect. The beginning opens with great style and action, and although the story is crap, the action just about makes up for it.

One note about the languages. In the Cantonese version, Tony Leung backflips whenever somebody speaks Mandarin. Well, of course we can't have that in the Mandarin version, because then he would be doing backflips FOREVER since everything would be in Mandarin. So instead, he does backflips whenever somebody speaks (poor) English in the Mandarin version.

Also, this has to be the only movie in which the theme music is played about 90 times during the show; yet you still wish they played it more. It is that pleasing to the ear.

If this film doesn't amuse/intrigue you, then you haven't watched enough HK movies.