Princess D (2002)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2002-06-13
Summary: Hope in HK with Princess
I am usually taking "jabs" at the HK filmmakers for making nothing but "clones" of the "hit" movies, like "Needing You", by "Johnny To". "Princess D", actually a departure from the "Sammi-type" movies, is a breath of fresh air. The Directors/ Writers, "Sylvia Chang" and "Yuen Gam Lun", did a good job overall dealing with CGI, action choreography, art design, and acting. Only the story lacked focus, and made it kind of boring, but not completely boring, because the acting was good. "Daniel Wu" (Joker), who is lucky enough to be one of those actors to actually be "learning on the job", is really becoming "IT". You can really see the character he is playing on his face, which means he is paying attention to details, and is serious about acting, unlike most HK wannabe actors - this guy's for real. New comer, "Angelica Lee" (Princess D/ Ling), is not bad for a debut performance, but only time will tell with her. As for "Edison Chen" (Kid), this guy has to be the son of some powerful HK producer, because there is really no reason why he should be in this or any movie.