Struggle Through Death (1979)
Reviewed by: MasterArts on 2002-06-21
Summary: The beatings of a man
That about sums it up. The heroes just get beat through the first hour of the movie, then they get beat off and on for the next half hour. It starts off as an old useless flail fest. But actually, the martial arts is fairly descent. I was very surprise to see the villains fast and a little crisp considering. Of course you knew when Johnny gets going the movie will pick up. And it did, considerably. But that doesn't take away the fact that Liu gets beat to oblivion first, along with the rest of the good guy cast. Bad guys wearing capes again in this one, seems to be the trend at the time. Overall, it's a very descent kung fu movie. Screw the "if you got nothing better to do" review. Watch it because of the sheer enjoyment of a descent kung fu film. Well, that was a bit extreme. Crazy!!