The Rebellious Reign (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-06-21
Summary: Gory finale
Plenty of action here. Much of it is creakily choreographed but still fun to watch. Closer to the end it gets better, and is excellent when Kuen Wing Man gets really going.

Being a historical, of course there are bright and colourful costumes and lovely scenes. My only big criticism was the two male leads. I just couldn't feel anything for either of them. Lung Fong plays with such a stiff upper lip, and Norman Chu is so obviously a bastard that it's no surprise at all that he turns nasty.

I was surprised at how gory the finale was. Limbs being chopped off by the dozen, blood everywhere ad, unlike many other fu epics, it was pretty realistic. Strong stomachs only.

If you can handle the gore, moderately recommended.
Reviewer Score: 6