The Young Hero of Shaolin II (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-06-29
Summary: Not as good as Part 1
This one is more uneven. The first 25 minutes and parts of the following half hour are dull and lacking focus and, most amazingly, not much concerned with the title character ! FSY gets lost in the crowd quite often in the first hour, and the film suffers greatly for it.

The final half hour is impressive. There's a surreal Busby Berkeley style choreographed sequence featuring a gang of guys with cymbals around a yinyang symbol, and FSY with some monks trying to disrupt their harmony.

The skill level of the fu scenes, of course, is superb. Many of the cast are the genuine article.

Verdict - watch it, but keep the fast-forward button handy.
Reviewer Score: 4