Two Great Cavaliers (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-07-20
Summary: Mixed bag, but mostly very good
I watched this one in mandarin dialogue with no subs, so much of the fine details of the very complicated plot was lost on me. There are about a dozen major characters who are plotting and apparently changing allegiances all over the place.

There a a number of patches where the film gets too talky for too long, and a light touch of the fast-forward button is advised. However, there are more than enough martial arts sequences of good to excellent quality to make up for this.

And there's always the wild outfits as well. Godsakes, who designed these garish early 70s getups ? For instance, Man Kong Lung prances about in a glittering silver cape with matching headband. The film is certainly colourful.

It is possibly to read this film as a dress rehearsal for the later Broken Oath. 2GC is not as much fun, but still well worth watching.
Reviewer Score: 6