Dragon Lord (1982)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-07-21
Summary: Classic Jackie
This is the semi-sequel to The Young Master. It has pretty much the same cast as The Young Master. You get to see a lot of Mars in this one, as he is Jackie's best friend in this movie.

There are some great moments like the sporting events they play. The first one is like Rugby, but with a twist. You have to climb a huge dome scaffold thing. Lots of stunt work here!!!

Second is a game of "shuttlecock". Its a mix of Soccer and Lacrosse in a way. Use your feet to pass and shoot with the little game ball (the shuttlecock). But you get tossed to the ground by the opponents, and there are tiny nets like LaCrosse. Some good choreography, and this is a fun part to watch in the movie.

Unfortunately for this movie there are pretty much no fights in the movie until the end. And the end fight is watching Wang Inn Sik (the bad guy from Young Master) beat up Jackie and Mars. Some very nice stunts in this last fight. Mars looks like he got beat up good for this one. The fight is long and exicting though.

This movie is enjoyable if you go into it not expecting the great Jackie fights we are use to. Although it does drag on a bit in the middle.

Reviewer Score: 6