The Millionaires' Express (1986)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-07-21
Summary: Movie Stinks, Cast is Great
This is one of those Sammo movies that offers nothing for the entire movie but a slim bit of comedy then blows up with a 30 minute finale extravaganza, and we somehow forgive Sammo for the previous hour he bored us to death with.

The plot is almost non-existent. Eric Tsang and a group of robbers rob a small towns bank. The town is now bankrupt. Along comes Sammo, a former resident of the town who is no longer wanted and he comes up with get rich quick scheme: a plan of opening a hotel and then making the Shanghai Express train filled with rich people stop at the town with no choice but to stay in his hotel, and buy the towns good, replenishing the town.

Well, the entire robbery, and Sammo coming to the town, etc. etc. is the first 60-70 minutes of the film. We get a cool stunt of Yuen Biao falling from the roof of a tall building onto the ground (although you can see the matress).

Then towards the end we get a small but very nice Yuen Biao vs Sammo Fight.

Then the finale. A whole bunch of HK actors you have seen many times before all have fight scenes. We have Hwang Jang Lee, Moon Lee, Dick Wei, Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, etc. etc. A lot of good fighting at the end.

This movie was a let down for me. It bores you to death until the end. We don't even get good comedy to satisfy us until the end, only a whiny Eric Tsang. Only watch it for the finale, because that is all that is there.

Reviewer Score: 2