Black Cat (1991)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-07-23
Summary: Decent enough to watch
Well, like other reviewers have been saying, this is just La Femme Nikita story done all over again.

I think is a decent version of it too. Its starts off well with Jade going through hell, getting beat up multiple times and her life just sucks. Then gets killed by gov't officials, gets a chip put in her head (to supposidly enhance her skills) and she is trained for a year.

Well, that is the fist half of the movie and it does a good job of entertaining you.

The second half we have Jade living in the outside world, she gets boyfriend, and while trying to keep a relationship she is ordered to do hits. Her boyfriend gets suspiscious, blah blah, you know the rest.

Well, there is no real big hit she must do at the end or anything like that. She just keeps doing hits then after one particular assignment the credits just start rolling and you go "What the %&$!"

A decent version of La Femme, I enjoyed watching it. Wish it could have ended properly. Nothing special here, but if your not tired of the La Femme story then give this a looksie. Much better then Brigette Fonda's hollywood junk of Point of No Return.

Rating: 2/5
Reviewer Score: 4