Sharp Guns (2001)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-07-24
Summary: A must see
This is a clever movie about a triad boss hiring his old friend and number one hitman Tricky On (Alex Fong) to find and return his daughter. Tricky On gets himself a small crew; a sharpshooter, a getaway driver, and a mean and gorgeous hand-to-hand expert played by the beautiful Anya, and so begins the search for the daughter.

Well, things aren't as straight forward as this seems. There's some clever action scenes and some very nice twists and turns throughout the movie.

Very nicely done movie. Its a good change of pace from all the brainless action movies that have come out recently (but I like those just as well :)).

Very highly recommended.

Rating: 4/5

NOTE: Watch the credits :) Some good stuff with Anya in a...well...I don't want to spoil it.

Yes I know I am evil, MUAHAHAHAHA!!!
Reviewer Score: 8