The Dragon from Russia (1990)
Reviewed by: Wurms on 2002-07-25
Summary: EEK!
Well, I was suckered into this for the fight scenes. I wasn't disappointed in that department. However, everywhere else, I was.

The story starts out simple. Man from Russia, Man gets kidnapped from Russia, Man gets trained by old master to become an assassin.

Now it gets confusing, no the story isn't really confusing, its the directing that makes it that way. Much time elapses (days? months? years?) and we never know how long. Let me give you an example: During the movie a woman (won't use any names for spoilers sake) gets shot twice. The movie goes off to other things, then about 2 minutes later we see that same women who just got shot, dancing like nothing happened. HUH? Yea, never told us how long its been or anything. It does this type of thing a lot throughout the movie making everything confusing as hell.

Also, it throws in so many characters that come in then just die in the next scene, and we are suppose to know who they are, HUH? Horrible!

Well, the fight scenes are great. There are touches of wire-fu here and there throughout but the good stuff stays on the ground. There are two short nunchaku sparring sequences which are pretty cool also.

Rating: 1/5

Rating for just the action: 4/5

See it for the action, not for the movie.
Reviewer Score: 2