Hitman (1998)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-08-12
It just so happens that I liked this movie about the same as most of the other people. And yes grimes, the poster is extra cool. It made me want to see more of Gigi Leung!!

I picked up this movie because of 2 reasons. One, 3 of the 4 stars are (now anyway) on top of my fav list, and two, because everyone said it was good. Well, you already know that I liked it, but I'm still gonna reveal some comments.

First off, the cast is quite superb here. However, it's already noticeble that Jet Li is getting older by the day. He looked marvelous in his younger days, but when this movie came out he was about the same age as Madonna. Well, I can overlook that. Eric Tsang is okay here; I can't give him any more than that because he is one of the best actors IMO and I've seen better stuff from him. Gigi Leung's small role didn't allow her to excersize much talent - although I'm still not sure how much she has. Being a major HK popstar these days doesn't exactly require talent. As for Simon Yam, he was better than I expected.

Action-wise, this movie had some great sequences, but they're not as good as My Father is a Hero IMO. Rather, it's about the same as Bodyguard from Beijing. I like the bad guy using his ring to do the trick. Let's face it, Jet Li can't go on doing martial arts moves for the rest of his life, and nothing he does these days can outdo what he did in the early 90s. So I'm almost convinced that he should just stop making martial arts movies before attempting any more.

Story-wise, there is a fairly amount of plot twist and suspense in the film, but it's not very believable. Still, the secret is revealed so nonstoppingly quickly that I am still trying to make some sense out of it (now 3 days after seeing the film). It seems that they are trying to fill your mind with confusing stuff that seemingly make sense, and then without a second of pause it moves on.

All in all, I recommend this movie if you are a die hard Jet Li fan. otherwise, he has made at least 10 better movies than this. See all of them before this one.