Justice, My Foot! (1992)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-08-14
There are 2 extremely sad parts about this movie. First, Leung Kar Yan is wasted in this piece of crap. Second, this piece of crap was the highest grossing movie of the year, easily beating out Swordsman 2, King of Beggars, OUATIC 2, and other great work.

This movie is unbelievably bad. It's definitely one of Chow's worst I've ever seen. The story makes very little sense. It's just too damn unrealistic. And there's barely any funny moment. The same old gags from previous films pop up, and they are so frigging lame. Like many of Chow's movies, this movie offers some commentary to politics, which is nice, but it is far from enough to save this movie.

So what was the movie about, let's see... it opens up with Stephen Chow as a bad guy, defending a bad guy in court, followed by Chow's kids dying. So from there his wife forbids him to do any more court work. But by chance a woman's brother sells her to a friend, and it just so happens that her husband had been murdered (or poisoned) by some other relatives, and these relatives happen to be the siblings of an official (Leung Kar Yan). Leung gets forced into protecting them. He is quite funny at times, but it's just too painful to put up with watching him in this crappy role. LKY is special, and this kind of role could have been played by anyone. That just doesn't cut it.

So anyway, Stephen Chow gets to defend this poor woman, where of course he has to go through hell to prove things. And that's what the rest of the movie is about, pretty much.