S.D.U. '97 (1997)
Reviewed by: ipkevin on 2002-09-02
Summary: Unbelievably awful.
Cheapo production (even by HK standards) set largely in the Philippines. Even the most hardcore SWAT/SDU fans who love to ogle the cool equipment will be let down by this one - After the first 5 minutes, there are no more SDU scenes at all! It's just extremely boring and cliched melodrama (eg, gangsters tried to muscle in on a kindly nightclub owner), acted by mediocre-to-bad nobodies, and then topped off with ridiculously sloppy action scenes. Really terrible, slapdash stuff that fails to excite and is incredibly inaccurate to boot. If you want tense, authentic SWAT action, watch one of those Gordon Chan-directed SDU films (eg, First Option). If you want unrealistic but very well executed action, watch a John Woo movie. SDU 97 provides neither of those types of thrills and is a true waste of time. There are probably hundreds of cheap, lesser-known HK flicks made in the late 80s and early 90s that are more entertaining than SDU '97. Go for one of those instead. By the way, Yu Rong Guang's role is strictly a cameo despite his prominence on the box cover.