The Club (1981)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-11-27
Summary: Better in the second half
There's a pretty good cast here, but I nearly switched off about 20 minutes in. There was nothing much I hadn't seen many times before in tons of other films about rascals. Even the great Michael Chan swaggering around and looking tough, which is what he does best, wasn't enough. I flipped over to the second side of the laserdisc (yes, I still have an LD player !), and things did improve. By that stage, M Chan's character had his two girlfriends attacked and was on the run to Japan, and the story started to gel.

Still far from great stuff, and not as good as I'd heard it to be. This is, to date, the only film I've seen featuring Korean kicking machine Kwan Yung Moon which I've found to be on the dull side. Norman Chu was credited as co-star, but doesn't manage to add much to proceedings. The Club should have and could have been a lot better.
Reviewer Score: 4