A Book of Heroes (1986)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-11-29
With an absurd story, outlandish comedy and the worst editing since the 70s kung fu nonsenses, "The Book of Heroes" features some of the very best hardcore fights in any modern movies. The action is easily up there with the top billed movies in the action genre: In the line of duty 4, Police Story, and Operation Scorpio. This is the perfect example of the outrageously dangerous and abusive stunts from the golden days of HK action movies. It hurts just to watch them. Multiply that by 100x and that's probably how the actors performing them felt.

Did I mention the music was a bit, err, off the wall? If you've ever seen the movie "Little Flying Dragon," it's kinda like that. Otherwise, think 007 meets Mario.