Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung (1992)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-12-05
Summary: Good movie!
HK stuntman/actor Chin Kar Lok stars as a goofy Wong Fei Hung who ultimately puts a nail on the coffin that was his father's life. But since, he has turned into a self-righteous social rights advocate. You'd be surprised how much he changes from the beginning to the end. At the same time, Lam Ching Ying turns up as a Japanese swordsman who is portrayed as Japanese are always portrayed in HK movie - ruthless, unemotional beings that only care about winning. Of course, the big Chinese hero (WFH), on the contrary, is more interested in spirituality -- as usual.

Overall a pretty good movie, although having a Japanese samurai as a villain in a WFH movie seems a bit out of place. Chin Kar Lok is indeed a better stuntman than a lead. His style is the most awkward moves I have ever seen. The ending ignores a big subplot, but by then who cares anyway, having witness a grand finale between Lam and Chin.