Project A (1983)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-12-16
It seems that no HK director knows how to make an interesting beginning, as almost every good movie I've seen has terrible beginnings. Project A is a revolutionary film that almost put me to sleep in its first half. I really wanted the rest of the film to suck so I could give it a bad rating, but unfortunately that was not to be the case.

If anything, Jackie Chan should be hailed as the greatest action actor for his life-risking stunts. Most people wouldn't dream about the dangerous stunts he undertakes, such as the hard fall from the top of the tower and the bicycle chase. The production value is also impressive; no previous HK film has featured this kind of budget.

My favorite scene is Jackie's greatest onscreen humor - when he tries to get around Lee Hoi San's words in front of the pirates. It alone is worth watching the film for.