The Last Blood (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2002-12-21
Summary: Bloody Good
I can't believe these guys and I watched the same movie. I think they must be the leading members of the Wong Jing Hatred Squad.

Last Blood is a hoot. An excellent balance between extreme shoot-em-up gore, thriller and humour. Quite a complicated and involving plot, too, which is very unusual in this genre.

I'd compare this film fairly favourable to one of Wong Jing's best, God Of Gamblers Return. I have a feeling the other reviewers would hate that one as well !

It is true that this film has some odd ingredients. Perhaps I've seen him in too many romances and light comedies, but it was a little hard to accept Alan Tam as a tough cop. And I agree that the relationship between Andy Lau's character and his fiancee is puzzling. And what on earth does the Japanese Red Army have against the "Daka" Lama ?

But these slight jarring notes have very little effect on the whole package. The pace is cracking, and there's either an impressive action scene or a running joke or an involving plot point, or a combination of the lot. The pace keeps going till the end, which is a little too neat, but that's no worries there.

Warmly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 8