Sister Cupid (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-01-26
Summary: Awful waste of talent
Further proof that a great cast doesn't necessarily make a great film. I agree with Brian (see link) that Maggie Cheung is the only one worth watching, and unfortunately her part is rather small and scattered.

Certainly the silly script is a big problem, but I think the characterizations are the big fault. Jacky Cheung plays a weak wimp, Pat Ha is a confused and rather angry fiancee, Carol Cheng's character is ridiculously guarded of her young brother as though he's a total imbecile, and Nat Chan tries to be likeable ! All of these actors are playing against type, and failing, and their characters collide with each other with results which are more often nasty than fun.

The grand old lady Tang Bik Wan manages to be amusing and watchable sometimes, but it's not enough. I couldn't watch past 45 minutes, and even that was an effort.
Reviewer Score: 2