Final Victory (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-01-26
Summary: Not Good Enough
Yes, this film has things going for it. Eric Tsang's performance in the lead role, as the kind-of wimpy "younger brother" of the volcanic Big Bo, is by turns charming and infuriating. Tsui Hark as Big Bo positively radiates menace, and gives his creepiest performance. Patrick Tam's visuals are at times arresting. And Loletta Lee looks great, in her most exposed role before she shed all in 1993 (Crazy Love).

Margaret Lee's character is as goofy and earthy as ever, but it's hard to believe anyone could be as daft as her.

I found the story too hard to believe, and somehow it didn't hold interest. I gave up about halfway.
Reviewer Score: 2