Affectionately Yours (1985)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-01-28
Summary: Pleasant and a bit odd
The plot synopsis above is a bit misleading. Alan's long-term girlfriend leaves him, so his pal Ruddy tkes the opportunity to get him and his sister together. Alan marries Connie on the rebound, and they honeymoon in Japan, where Alan contrives to spend as little time as possible with the new wife and lots of time with charming Atsuko.

On one level, it's quite a harsh story. Alan spends much time humiliating Connie and treating her like an idiot, and she obliges by acting like one. Despite this unpleasant underccurrent, the film feels mostly good, and is a lovely travelogue around some of Japan's tourist spots.

No classic, but an okay way to pass 90 minutes.
Reviewer Score: 4