Tiger Over the Wall (1980)
Reviewed by: Ash on 2003-02-06
Summary: Awesome climactic battle
Tiger Over Wall has another senseless plot about someone's missing dog and a corrupt offical (Hwang Jang Lee) who is sought out by the main character (Philipp Ko). But what matters here is the action. All the fights are good(especially Ko's ones)and they keep getting better and better. Which leads us to the final showdown between Hwang Jang Lee and Philipp Ko. This fight is awesome: its starts up with staffs and then they go hand-to-hand. This bout is like 10 minutes long too with blazing fast choreography and footwork, courtesy of Bootmaster Hwang Jang Lee. I also think this is Philipp Ko's best overall martial arts performance. Buy this DVD just for this fight alone, it is worth it and you'll get another movie as a bonus: Goose Boxer....................8/10