Sweet Surrender (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-02-08
Summary: Amiable comedy
Fairly typical Always Good production. The lack of subtitles were a problem in the print I watched, since this is a very talky film, it was hard to follow the fine detail. I have a strong feeling, from the look of the film and relatively high quality of the acting, that I'd have enjoyed things a lot more with subs.

Anyway, the terrific cast are nicely employed here. A generous sprinkle of cameos mixed with a large number of intros (including the luscious Chan Wing Chi) spice up the mix.

The bickerings in which Guk Fung's character was involved, with his screen son and with his long-term adversary, seem to move most of the story. The rest involves Frankie alternately chasing, being chased and competing with a group of girls, and one in particular, who for a long time appears to be his sister (this was one of the plot points I couldn't fathom.)

I can only recommend this film if you can be sure of obtaining a subtitled print.
Reviewer Score: 4