The Magic Blade (1976)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2003-02-08
Summary: Good!
THE MAGIC BLADE is a very enjoyable wuxia pian from director Chor Yuen, adapted once more from a novel by Gu Long. The subject is once again the fight for dominance of the jiang hu, with a weapon called the Peacock Dart playing the central role as it is believed that whoever holds it will have invincible power.

Ti Lung plays a morose but chivalrous swordsman, reckoned to be the top fighter of the martial arts world. He unites with Lo Lieh to attain the Peacock Dart before it can fall into the hands of the villainous Master Yu. The plot is a complex web of deceptions, intrigues and ambushes as only a wuxia movie can be, but is much easier to follow than many or most others.

There's lots of action, all of a fantastical nature with wires and trampolines and cunning editing all featuring more prominently than the physical skills of the performers. It's well choreographed but looks technically primitive now, and isn't at the same level as the best action from that time period.

The sets and costumes are all very lavish, and have that unmistakable Shaw Brothers vibe. There's some very nice cinematography throughout.

A good movie, probably one of the better attempts at wuxia from the 70's.
Reviewer Score: 8

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