Gunmen (1988)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-02-22
Totally unengaging movie that will more than likely confuse and disappoint you. The beginnin was utterly unconvincing, with really bad flow and confusing events one after another (see MrBooth's comments).

One can count Adam Cheng's antagonist roles with 3 fingers, but when he does play this kind of role, he always excels (a la TVB's Luk Siu Fung & Greed of Man). He doesn't play the 100% evil bastard, and in fact he may get more sympathy than the good guys.

The audio tracks on the dvd are two different things. The subtitles say one thing, but the Mandarin audio says completely different stuff. Just to confuse poor Mandarin listeners I guess.

I do want to recommend this movie, but keep in mind that you probably won't care about it at all until the very end.

P.S. I watched the whole movie under the impression that Cherie Chung played the prostitute (and then I looked at the credits)! Oh dear, does Elizabeth Lee resemble everything about Cherie.