The Rebellious Reign (1980)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-02-25
Unusually satisfactory in the kung fu action department, Rebellious Reign exceeded my expectations. The action is old school at its best, comparable to that of The Loot and better than Descendant of Wing Chun. The story is average passable stuff, and unfortunately not many characters are well developed. The beginning and end are filled with fight scenes, while the middle is most story-telling.

Unfortunately, the movie doesn't decide if it wants to be a kung fu movie or a solid historical drama. It has a little bit of both, but the result is not too pleasing. There is not adequate character development or story to back it as a drama. For the historical drama genre, Night of the Assassins is a better entry. The kung fu is very good as I previously mentioned, but there is no kung fu in the middle part heavily dominated by drama. A little uneven, if I may say so.

It's a good old school actioner with dynamic action. Lung Fong is an excellent performer.