Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2003-03-07
More than a comedy movie, a movie with a heart and soul - and some of the funniest scenes you're likely to see.

But... "Kung Fu Soccer"?

The one thing it is *not* is a kung-fu movie. "Shaolin Soccer" was the perfect title for the movie - a movie that has already found a lot of success through word of mouth in the west. I know dozens of people who normally wouldn't watch a HK movie but love this one.

I'm interested to see just what else Miramax is going to screw up when they bring it over to the US.

Miramax, if you're listening, **stop messing with movies that are perfect as they are!**. I really wish there would be a law passed to stop companies like Miramax and Dimension treating Hong Kong movies as they do. Hopefully the online petition for the respectful treatment of Hong Kong movies by these Disney subsidiaries will show them how strongly people care.
Reviewer Score: 10

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