Sex & Zen II (1996)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-02-24
Summary: Fancy wording
It's a wonder how words of "awkwardity" are elegantly phrased in Chinese with such class. You're reading English subtitles for a Chinese poem that say "The dick and cock of men are both looking for pretty, sexy girls." How crude and frank it sounds in English, but rest assured in Chinese it's phrased as scholarly and poetic as anything out there. If not for the subtitles, I would not understand 90% of what they were communicating, because they just don't use the common, understandable words for penis, vagina, etc. The fancy words is like a foreign language, but you start to catch them after a while.

The movie is nothing less than intriguingly weird material. Witness the mechanical anti-raping armor that cuts penises/hands into shreds, the metallic penis that can emit smoke (upon voice command), the penis-blowing drug from Persia, and Shu Qi with a dragging penis. Yes, everything has to do with penis. All I have to say is that it would have been much more pleasing to NOT cast Shu Qi as a man.

Elvis Tsui is disgusting as ever. Whatever respect I had for him before witnessing his cat 3 roles is gone. Too much exploitation.

Reviewer Score: 6