Golden Chicken (2002)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-04-05
Summary: Some blasts from the past
Finally after 20 years of hard work as HK's most popular popstar, Andy Lau receives a role as himself in Golden Chicken. This movie utilizes old songs, including the themesong to TVB's LOOKING BACK TO ANGER, the most watched TV series of all time. Sandra Ng's strong performance only reminded me why I adore her in the first place.

Golden Chicken a good film, but putting it alongside Hero and Infernal Affairs? It's definitely not as good as Hero, and it's probably not as good as Infernal Affairs.

By the way, I couldn't believe it was Felix Wong who played Richard. I remembered that Chen Kuan Tai was in a recent movie (turned out to be Era of Vampires), so I thought he had played Richard. What a terrible mistake.