The Desperate Chase (1971)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-04-07
Summary: Blood soaked
This film is fairly typical of Jimmy's early work as a star in the early 70s. Jimmy's the supertough hero, throwing himself into an impossible battle against incredible odds but with high-level skills.

This one has an extra twist, even on top of the character complexity mentioned by the other reviewer. Jimmy's character gets stabbed in the back (literally) early in the film, and spends the rest of the story bleeding all over the place. Of course, he causes far more blood to be spilled than his own. Limbs slashed off and flying all over the place, extras falling by the dozen. This film is at least as gory as the Lone Wolf And Babycart films, which started about a year later.

I'd don't agree that this is one of his best. There are several rather dull passages, especially some long-winded long shots showing guys riding on horses. But these dull bits are in the first half only. The second half is pretty much slam-bang slash-em-up action.

One bright spot is that, despite having a little kid in a major role, he isn't extremely irritating and a waste of space. Yau Lung actually adds quite a lot to the story, far more so than the normally reliable Chiao Chiao, whose role is too passive.

Not in the same class as the breathtaking Beach Of The War Gods, but pretty damn good anyway. Recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8