Undercover Cop (2003)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-04-14
In this Mainland soap drama, Sammo Hung teams up with TV star Fan Bing Bing (who gets top billing but is really in for only 15 minutes) and a couple of other able actors. The cast is pretty good, and I enjoyed the movie a lot, although the beginning gives a bad impression.

In the first 3 minutes, we see some people getting killed in different scenes. Then we're greeted with some of the lamest English voices. Fan Bing Bing has a conversation with an American (presumably), who OBVIOUSLY has been dubbed by a Chinese. As she struggles to remember vocabulary, it's apparent that the American's accent isn't much better, as a result of Chinese voice actor. Then what do you know, Sammo steps in and attempts to look bad-ass with his fluent English. I do believe they used his real voice, but during post-production.

The main strength is the action, which Sammo co-choreographed. It's actually not that exciting, but it's a rare treat for this kind of budget production. What can I say, it's simply great to see Sammo busting out some moves again. Although nothing he makes today can compare to the likes of Prodigal Son and Knockabout.

The vcd contains Mandarin language, Chinese subs only, all in full screen. All the actors have been post-dubbed.