Dragon Lee Vs. the 5 Brothers (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-04-18
Summary: Pretty good
Just to prove that wooden acting and a low budget doesn't necessarily make a bad movie.

Dragon Lee doesn't seem to be playing a very big part here. The actual title of the version I saw was "The Five Brothers". Perhaps the film was originally shot around Kan Chia Fong, with extra footage shot to include Dragon. Whatever.

Things take a little while to warm up and to gel. About fifteen minutes in, when the guy with the silver hand gets going, in fact. This guy is a terrific slimy villain and keeps turning up in clever disguises, and provides the ideal foil for the good guys.

There's plenty of fighting of high quality, and it's fun to watch. I hope we can eventually identifiy the seemingly unknown support cast, as they are pretty good too.


Reviewer Score: 7