So Close (2002)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-05-06
I find it hard to believe that the HK audience don't like this kind of movie. This kind of stuff would sell well in Hollywood, but box office analysis shows that HK people would rather watch something like "Cat and Mouse" 30 times over "So Close."

As for the movie - yes, very thin, pathetic, high-tech material. One can admire the CGI technology, of course. Shu Qi looks gorgeous here. Now, the action scenes were not bad, but they did not satisfy this viewer. Granted, you've got 3 girls who don't know any martial arts, so that accounts for the quick edits and cuts. Overall, the action is probably better than what you find in an American movie, but I was not satisfied.

I would say "So Close" is slightly more entertaining than Naked Weapon. Both have some style as well as shorcomings.